Cupola Rider - Post International Space Apps Challenge

Cupola Rider – Post International Space Apps Challenge

The International Space Apps challenge has come to a close and it has been a very eventful weekend. You can read my previous post about me hearing about the weekend here.  It was great being surrounded by like-minded individuals in regards to Space Exploration and Science. Getting access to data sets and doing something creative with them, which is related very much to my final year project “Martian”

I attended the Glasgow venue and our team was composed of 3 members, Finlay (another classmate), Lars (A Swedish web developer) and myself. As a group we decided we would tackle the “Spot the Station” challenge and see how we got on.

We had a few initial ideas that involved communicating with the astronauts abord the ISS and tracking information. However we finally stumbled upon the idea of “Cupola Rider”. Cupola Rider is a project that reversed the role of spotting the station. This meant looking at our position here on Earth from the perspective of the International Space Station. Below are a few words about the project and links to a demo and project page.

“A web and mobile app experience from the perspective of the ISS crew. Showcasing your current location on Earth. Utilising Google maps and Google Earth for the mapping, alongside the Open.Notify API for live ISS location data.”

Link to the project page