Published Feb 2012





Understanding Aphasia

SpeekEasy is an organisation that aims to help people who suffer from Aphasia. Aphasia is a condition that affects the person’s ability to communicate, read and write. We had the pleasure of working with members of the speakeasy group and design a way of helping them with their daily struggles.

One of the biggest issues with Aphasia is that it affects everyone differently. Some member’s of the group could speak quite fluently however had the trouble when it came to reading or writing and other members were the complete opposite.

To begin with we were designing communication books to help the members in social situations such as buying milk or getting a bus. However after spending time with Bob Whitley (who suffers from Aphasia) and his wife Pat it became apparent their biggest issue was the public’s awareness of Aphasia.

We then created this video capturing Bob and Pat and their struggles with Aphasia.