Published Jun 2013







The International space station is speeding 250km above earth at a speed of 27,600km/h. Cupola Rider is a web and mobile app experience, simulating the view of our home planet from the International Space Station using real-time position data.

This project was created during the 48 hour Space Apps challenge hackathon. Cupola Rider was pushed through to global nominations and won best in Scotland.

You can view it here



The challenge we decided to take on was “Spot the station”. NASA released a public web app showcasing the position of the International Space Station in real time. For this challenge we had to extend the functionality of the Spot the station website, using this data.



Having looked at the data and API’s available we initially looked at tracking the position of the ISS here on Earth. However there was one photograph that came to mind when thinking about the ISS, and that is the view from the Cupola module windows looking at our home planet.

We then spent the next 48 hours building a simulator for those of us who aren’t trained astronauts or cosmonauts, imitating the view of Planet Earth below.