Published Oct 2013

Mobile App






Martian is a mobile-app that connects you with our neighbouring planet Mars, and man-kind’s exhortatory missions of the past and present.

There is a wealth of data being collected from these missions, ranging for weather, to the elemental components of it’s soil. Along with a being a portal to on-going missions, such as the Curiosity Rover, ‘Martian’ encourages you to compare these data feeds from the red planet, to your location here on Earth.

Martian aims to connect people to the surface of another world, but making the scientific data more approachable to those who may not initially be interested in our cosmos.

You can read more about my process here: [Martian Project log]]( “Link”)



Today there exist a magnitude of apps and websites showcasing the marvels of space exploration missions. However most only display this raw data and being scientific in nature if can be very ‘dry’ to the the average joe. Photos of these alien landscapes on the other hand are easily appreciated as humans are very visual creatures.

I decided to base the design language of Martian around the rich photography and landscape of Mars, whilst comparing any raw data to something relatable here on earth. A good example of this is comparing the weather on Mars with your current location on earth.



At the beginning of my honours projects I researched all past, ongoing and future space exploration missions. There were so many to chose from and given the deadlines and scope of the project I had to be realistic and focus on a specific mission or planet.

I also built a themed cultural probe to get insight from people who lived during the great space race in an attempt to see how they felt about space exploration back then and now in the present day. You can see a video of the finished cultural probe below.


You can see more on my project log here